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12th CPHI world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition

On June 25, 2012 to the 28th ,Our cpmpany attended the 12th CPHI world pharmaceutical raw materials China exhibition was held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center.Through this exhibition our company intended to understand the industry development status, to expand awareness, show the strength of the company and promote the development of higher level.Products display our company's main products, such as Magnolia extract, angelica oil, Chuanxiong oil, ginger oil, Ganoderma spore powder, drop sesame oil and other high-quality products.We are the biggest supplier of magnolia bark extract in China   

In the three-day exhibition, I received hundreds of domestic and foreign buyers.At the show site, our technical and operational staff of the division patiently answering questions for each of the guests.Through the exhibition, we learned a lot and also recognize the gap between the well-known manufacturers with us in the same industry. We will continue the inflow of talent, innovation, and constantly improve ourselves, to create more quality products,a clear next step sales ideas and strive to new heights in the industry.

                                  Answering the cutomers' questions in patience

                         Show the samples of our products to customers