Rosehip Oil

Number: 2013060903
Name: Rosehip Oil
Created Date: 2013-06-09

Endless Rosehip Oil

Botanical Name:  Rosa Multiflora Thunb
Extract Method:  Clod Pressed
Purity:  100% pure and natural without any additive and compound
Colour:   Light Yellow Oily Liquid
Aroma:  With Characteristic Odour
Active Ingredient:   Rich in Vitamin C and Fatty Acid
Moisturizer:Rose hip oil is valued as a soothing, moisturizing remedy for skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, which are characterized by dry, scaly skin.
Antioxidant:Rose hip oil is also a good natural source of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant.
Wrinkles : This oil is beneficial in the quest for youthful skin, helping to improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles, crows feet and other signs of aging in mature dry skin. 
 Acne Scars:Acne scars can be treated using rose hip oil, which contains active chemical compounds that help regenerate damaged skin cells in the scarred area. 
 Burns:Rose hip oil helps to repair and regenerate damaged skin cells, making it valuable in the treatment of burns, including sunburn. 

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